Hungry Little Shadow

When I first met my partner Sara, she shyly revealed her suitcase of Hungry Little Shadow puppets and props to me. I was totally amazed and couldn't wait to see her realize her vision. But because Sara's health had deteriorated in recent years, she wasn't able to reliably stage live performances—and so the puppets lay in wait, too, until the moment was right.

Well, a moment did arrive in the early days of the pandemic, as funding opportunities appeared for theatre artists to Pivot Online. Sara successfully received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts / CBC Digital Originals to film Hungry Little Shadow at home. The only catch was that inside our bubble of two, I remained the only other casting option. (I am really not an actor!) But Sara coached me, and I think we mostly made it work.

I also learned the ins and outs of our borrowed camera, set up the shots, composed most of the music, and edited + designed the overall sound.

Here's a link (approaching near a point of high conflict!)